Blended Learning Solutions

With the REX Schoology Learning Management System (LMS,) Rex Digital is empowering your school, your teachers and your students to handle all aspects of the learning process so that you can maximize the learning. Going Digital with Rex is not about replacing the teacher, it is about taking the best of the traditional classroom and opening it to the expanded classroom of the 21st century— through blended learning.


What can a Learning Management System do for you?
Deliver and manage instructional content
Identify and assess student and school learning goals
Track the progress towards meeting student and school learning goals
Collect and present data to aid in the supervision of the learning process of the institution as a whole..


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to educational technologies. Whether it be content curation, communication or assessment, you can definitely say there’s an app for that. But with all the demands of the classroom, organizational work, and professional development, wouldn’t a platform that combines everything you need in a simple, well-thought out platform save you time and effort that you need for the actual learning?

With Rex Schoology, you get a best of breed learning management system that is globally used and tested. It’s interface may be familiar and easy to navigate, but the features are robust and comprehensive—it’s a full toolbox to facilitate shared learning. From course delivery and communication to high-level administration, Rex Schoology condenses it all into a single easy-to-use platform so that schools can establish a true digital culture. Prepare for collaboration, engagement on on any device, and centralized control of a vibrant learning environment.


REX Schoology empowers your school’s digital learning culture in 8 ways.


  1. All your resources at your fingertips: Integrate, create, share, and reuse resources with one centralized repository that makes course and curriculum design easy.
  2. Effortless course management to focus on student engagement: When classroom management and communication are combined in a powerful control center, teachers can focus on what is most important—creating meaningful learning experiences with their students.
  3. Assessment is built right in for mastery learning: With the platform, teachers can quickly identify struggling students so they can respond with effective teaching strategies that tailor to specific student needs.
  4. Classroom decisions made with fresh data: Take a deep dive into the actionable analytics built into the system so that you can use the data about your students to craft well-targeted learning initiatives.
  5. Time for teachers to collaborate: The peer collaboration through groups creates the ultimate professional learning community. Each teacher can collaborate and share with peers within the school and around the world.
  6. Guided Collaboration for Student Empowerment: Within a platform that mimics a popular social networking platform, learning can definitely become social. As students are encouraged to collaborate with each other, they are inspired to see that they are valuable resources of knowledge and creativity who are responsible for their own learning.
  7. Be mobile, be everywhere: This cloud platform and all its excellent features are also available as a great mobile app. Teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, grade, annotate student work, and give feedback anytime and anywhere.
  8. A platform for everything that integrates with all that you need: This learning management system allows for the integration of all your exisiting educational technologies into one secure platform using Schoology’s open API. Your school has it’s own educational operating system.




These multimedia instructional materials and assessment tools are designed to provide the following benefits:

  • supplement textbooks and classroom materials to enrich the learning experience;
  • ensure that learning competencies for a particular lessons are honed;
  • promote 21st century skills.

These include visual presentations, ready-to-print exercises, lists of useful links, audio companions and Knowledge Channel videos.




Here at Rex Digital, we work with you through our extensive training sessions to ensure that our most important goal is met—our students learn.

  1. INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: An overview of basic functionality, including account settings, notification preference, messaging students, uploading files, editing pages, customizing the course navigation, and building assignments. Participants are also provided a refresher on the basic concepts of quizzes, discussions, analytics and grading within a educational technology context.
  2. REX SCHOOLOGY ESSENTIALS TRAINING: A session designed to introduce all types of users to the REX Schoology interface. It includes a descriptive tour of the features followed by a more in-depth look at how to build courses and manage course settings.
  3. COURSE DESIGN TRAINING: Instructors are provided with sample design strategies they can use to organize assignments, discussions, quizzes and content into an easy-to-navigate course. Participants will also learn how to use assessment tools and analytics.
  4. COURSE DELIVERY TRAINING: Provided predesigned courses, participants learn how to adjust account settings, navigate the Rex Schoology interface, grade student work, manage the course roster, access the Rex Schoology support and communicate with their students.
  5. ASSESSMENT AND GRADING TRAINING: Instructors are shown features they can use to provide assessment, feedback, and grades to students.


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